Mr. Pavel D. Ryabov

Mr. Pavel D. Ryabov, Senior lawyer

Senior lawyer

Phone:+7 (495) 221 8880, +7 (495) 221 8881

Fax:+7 (495) 221 8885, +7 (495) 221 8886

  • Master’s degree from the Higher School of Economics, lawyer;
  • Specialist in the field of theory of law and comparative jurisprudence;
  • Patent Attorney of the Russian Federation (inventions, utility models; industrial designs; trademarks and service marks);
  • Eurasian Patent Attorney;
  • Experienced in worldwide patent filing and prosecution of patent and utility model applications of Russian clients;
  • Experienced in the registration of IP rights in the area of mechanics, electrotechnology, mechanical engineering, mining and construction equipment, in performing searches and preparing opinions on patentability, FTO, and validity;
  • Represents clients’ interests in courts and administrative bodies;
  • Experienced in drafting and registering license agreements, assignments, entry of trademarks into the Russian State Customs Register, domain name registration;
  • With Sojuzpatent since 2006;
  • Language – English

A few of OUR advantages
  • We have nearly a century’s experience,

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  • We have ample specialists in all areas of science and technology,

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  • We provide an electronic interface to the patent offices

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  • Proximity to the customer, both geographic and electronic.

    We have offices in the center of Moscow and in other major Russian cities. You can also access us remotely from anyplace in the world.

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  • Transparent reporting and detailed invoicing

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