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A patent search is a critical step to take before entering a new market with a product, filing a patent application, or initiating an invalidation action against a patent. Each action requires its own type of patent search, and in all cases, the task should be given to a person skilled enough in conducting searches through large volumes of both patent and nonpatent literature. Sojuzpatent’s attorneys and lawyers are ready to perform in Russia and all the neighboring countries the following types of searches, among others:

  • clearance (freedom-to-operate/right-to-use) search
  • prior art search and patentability assessment
  • validity assessment (opposition study)
  • state-of-the-art search (patent landscape study)
  • title (by owner) patent search
  • equivalent search (search for patent family members)

A detailed opinion reflecting the search results is provided to the client.

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Patent Search
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