Sojuzpatent to hold a round table at an international forum (Announcement)

28 February 2023

Sojuzpatent is organizing a round table “Topical Issues of registration and protection of trademarks and other means of individualization” at the XXV International Forum “Intellectual Property – XXI Century” on 25 April 2023.

Main themes of the discussion:

1. Changes in the practice of protection and enforcement of rights to means of individualization over the past year;

2. Practical issues of regulation of parallel imports and fighting counterfeit;

3. Increasing the role of sociological surveys in the practice of protecting the rights to means of individualization;

4. Development of judicial practice in challenging the decisions of the RUPTO in the IP Court;

5. Trademark infringement on the Internet.

Speakers include representatives of Sojuzpatent, the Russian Federal Customs Service, the RUPTO, the Russian coordination center for TLD RU/РФ, The Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the heads of business champions' IP departments, other prominent IP practitioners. Sojuzpatent’s Head of Trademark Department Tatiana V. Petrova and Head of Legal Department Maxim V. Mikhailov are to be the moderators of the discussion.