IP Court Presidium upholds decision for inventor of utility model

05 February 2024

The Russian Patent and Trademark Office (Rospatent) issued a rejection decision on a utility model patent application related to a new keyboard layout. The inventor challenged the decision in the Chamber for Patent Disputes. However, the Chamber dismissed the inventor’s claims. Subsequently, the inventor applied to Sojuzpatent for protection of his rights in the IP Court. As a result of the 15 month-long court proceedings, Sojuzpatent managed to invalidate the decision of the Chamber for Patent Disputes. Moreover, as a remedy, the IP Court ordered Rospatent to issue the patent under application No. 2021122911 “Keyboard with new Russian layout ЙЦУКЕН”. 

On the next stage, Rospatent appealed the above-mentioned decision of IP Court in its Presidium. Again, Sojuzpatent successfully defended the client’s patent rights. As a result, the Presidium of IP Court confirmed the lower court’s decision in favor of our client.