Lesaffre (France) Wins Trademark Cancellation Case

31 January 2022

Sojuzpatent’s lawyers successfully represented the interests of Lesaffre et Compagnie (France) in a trademark non-use cancellation action brought on the client’s behalf against the Russian trademark EVOLUTION (reg. № 552343) in order to lift obstacles to registering the client’s trademark in Russia.

After consideration of the case in the first instance, the disputed trademark was cancelled in part.

Sojuzpatent’s lawyers appealed the decision in the cassation instance – the Presidium of IP Court. The court changed the decision of the first instance, fully satisfied the claim and cancelled the opposed trademark with respect to all the goods, thus enabling our client to register their designation in Russia.

Lesaffre et Compagnie specializes in food products and is one of the world’s biggest producers of yeast. It is a global player in the fermentation of microorganisms for baking, taste, healthcare & biotechnology.