Importation of Counterfeit MONOPOLY Games Prevented

29 January 2021

Sojuzpatent lawyers successfully defended the interests of Hasbro Inc. (USA) in connection with illegal importation of counterfeit goods.  

Mobile group of a Samara customs post stopped a truck carrying counterfeit goods of unknown origin, including board games marked with the MONOPOLY designation. The goods were imported to Russia from Kyrgyzstan – a state-member of EAEU. Sojuzpatent lawyers filed a petition in the interests of Hasbro Inc. to bring the infringers to administrative liability for importing counterfeits. The customs officers arrested the goods, initiated an administrative case and filed a lawsuit in the Arbitration Court of the Samara Region.

Having considered the case, the court recognized the imported games as counterfeit and ordered to send the goods for destruction in accordance with the applicable law.