Eurasian Patent Office Narrows Protection of Poly-Clip’s Competitor’s Patent

14 September 2021

Sojuzpatent’s client Poly-Clip (Germany) managed to substantially restrict the scope of protection of their competitor’s Eurasian patent.

Poly-Clip System (Germany) filed with the Eurasian Patent Office an invalidation action against the Eurasian patent № 201800628 “Travel regulator for the upper clamping tool of a clipping device”. The opposition was based on the lack of novelty and inventive step. In the course of the proceedings, the applicant proposed an amendment to the claims, which allowed the rights holder to keep the title, but significantly narrowed the scope of protection. The Patent Office decided to admit the amendment and issue a patent with the new claims.

Poly-clip System is a German family-owned company based in Hattersheim near Frankfurt-am-Main. Poly-clip System is the largest provider of clip closure systems worldwide and the world market leader in this sector of the food industry and packaging industry.