Court Rules to Destroy Fake Cosmetic Sets

06 April 2022

Sojuzpatent successfully represented Hasbro Inc. (USA) in a case against an importer of counterfeit goods before the Pskov Region Arbitration Court.

Presumably counterfeit children’s cosmetic sets marked as “Girl Cosmetics Toys” were stopped at a customs post in Pskov. Designations similar to Hasbro’s “My Little Pony” trademark were placed on the packaging.

Sojuzpatent filed a petition in the interests of Hasbro Inc. to prevent the release of the goods and bring the infringer to administrative liability. The customs officers arrested the goods, initiated an administrative case and filed a lawsuit in the Pskov Region Arbitration Court.

The court upheld the claims and brought the importer to administrative liability under part 1 of Article 14.10 of the Russian Administrative Offenses Code. The infringing goods were ordered to be confiscated and destroyed.