Court Order Prevents Release of Counterfeit Monopoly Games on Russian Market

28 September 2021

The Moscow Arbitration Court ruled in favor of Sojuzpatent’s client, Hasbro Inc. (USA), in an administrative offense case against an importer of counterfeit goods.

After receiving a notification from the Moscow Regional Customs concerning importation of the goods having the signs of counterfeiting, Sojuzpatent lawyers filed a petition in the interests of Hasbro Inc. to bring the infringer to administrative liability. The subject goods were marked with a designation confusingly similar to Hasbro’s MONOPOLY trademark, the design of the packages was very similar to Hasbro’s iconic table game and the MONOPOLY designation was used on the marking sticker as a name of the game. Customs seized the infringing goods on the grounds of the petition and filed a lawsuit in the Moscow Arbitration Court.

Having considered the case, the court satisfied the claims in full and brought the importer of the counterfeit goods to administrative liability under part 1 of Article 14.10 of the Russian Administrative Offenses Code with a fine of 50 000 RUB and confiscation of the infringing goods marked with a designation confusingly similar to Hasbro’s trademark.