Appeals Court Upholds Previous Decision Against Counterfeit Hasbro Toys Importer

03 November 2022

Sojuzpatent's lawyers successfully represented the interests of Hasbro Inc. (USA) in a case against an importer of counterfeit goods.  

During a check of a cargo arrived to the Novorossiysk port, local customs discovered children toys marked by the designation «MY LITTLE HORSE Let*s play together!».

Sojuzpatent lawyers filed a petition in the interests of Hasbro Inc. claiming that the designation displayed on the imported toys is confusingly similar to Hasbro's famous My Little Pony trademark. The customs officers arrested the goods, initiated an administrative case and filed a lawsuit in the Arbitration Court of the Krasnodar Region.

The court recognized the imported toys as counterfeit and ordered the infringer to be fined and the toys – to be confiscated and destroyed.

The defendant filed an appeal claiming the lack of confusing similarity between the who designations: My Little Horse and My Little Pony.

The appeals court, having considered the case, upheld the lower court’s decision to recognize the infringement, confiscate and destroy the goods, and fine the importer.