Arbitration Court Approves Settlement in Favour of Sojuzpatent’s Client - LLC “ZELDIS”.

08 October 2013

The Moscow Arbitration Court approved a settlement agreement in favour of Sojuzpatent’s client – LLC “ZELDIS” in a trademark infringement case with regard to the Russian trademark of LLC “ZELDIS” No. 430477 “Loshadinaya Sila”. Sojuzpatent filed to the Moscow Arbitration Court a law suit regarding the violation by LLC “FLORENCE” of the exclusive rights of Sojuzpatent’s client - LLC “ZELDIS” for the Russian trademark “Loshadinaya Sila” No. 430477. During the court proceedings LLC “ZELDIS” and LLC “FLORENCE” agreed to conclude a settlement agreement. The Moscow Arbitration Court approved this settlement agreement on the terms which coincide with the interests of Sojuzpatent’s client.