Appeal Court Rules in Favor of Sojuzpatent’s Client ERICSSON

12 September 2013

The Ninth Arbitration Appeal Court upheld the decision of the Moscow Arbitration Court on applying preliminary injunction. The preliminary injunction was approved according to the request of Sojuzpatent filed on behalf of Sojuzpatent’s client - TELEFONAKTIEBOLAGET LM ERICSSON S.A. in order to secure the claims of TELEFONAKTIEBOLAGET LM ERICSSON S.A. (plaintiff) against the violation of the exclusive rights of TELEFONAKTIEBOLAGET LM ERICSSON S.A. for the Russian patent No. 2223555. The court seized phones of several models belonging to TMC RUS (the defendant) and prohibited TMC RUS LLC to enter them into the civil turnover before the dispute would be resolved on the merits.