Cassation Appeal Court Board of Astana City Rules in Favour of Sojuzpatent’s Client Richter Gedeon Nyrt

16 August 2012

The Cassation Appeal Court Board of AstanaCity ruled in favour of Sojuzpatent’s client – Richter Gedeon Nyrt (Hungary). According to the said decision, the court recognized as illegal the refusal of the Appeal Board of the Intellectual Property Right Committee of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan to consider the opposition of Sojuzpatent (acting on behalf of Richter Gedeon Nyrt) against the validity of the Eurasian patent No. 008223 in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Basing on the decision of the cassation court Sojuzpatent overcame the said rejection of the Appeal Board and re-filed the opposition against the Eurasian patent No. 008223. The said opposition has been taken to consideration by the Appeal Board.