Moscow Arbitration Court Rules in Favor of our Clients “Interbrand Zintsmeyer and Lux AG” and “Interbrand UK Ltd”

19 November 2007

On October 24, 2007, the Moscow City Arbitration Court ruled in favor of our clients – the Swiss firm “Interbrand Zintsmeyer and Lux AG” and the British firm “Interbrand UK Ltd” (members of the Interbrand Group) in a case against the Russian firm “ZAO Interbrand Rusconsulting” who had previously squattered the trademark “Interbrand” in Russia.  The Court Decision sustained the previously received Decision of the Chamber for the Patent Disputes (in favor of our client) which had invalidated the trademark registration “Interbrand” in the name of the squatter. The squattered trademark registration was a legal obstacle for the registration of the trademark “Interbrand Zintsmeyer and Lux” in Russia.