Sojuzpatent Co-Organizes Innovation Forum “CYPRUS-ARCHIMEDES 2004” in Limassol

15 June 2004

The Russian Innovation Salon “Archimedes” in cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce, Industries and Tourism of the Republic of Cyprus, Department of Science and Industrial Policy of the Government of Moscow, the Trade Mission of the Russian Federation in Republic Cyprus, and Sojuzpatent have organized and conducted the International innovation forum “CYPRUS-ARCHIMEDES 2004” in the City of Limassol, Republic Cyprus, from 7 till 10 of June, 2004.

The forum was aimed at attracting foreign investors to the commercialization of innovative technologies invented by Russian research entities. Nowadays Cyprus faces some economic difficulties related to entering the European Union and decline of tourism to the island. To cope with these problems, the Republic of Cyprus took a decision to develop innovative manufacturing on its territory. To implement the project, the so called business incubators are to be created. New incubators shall provide services on marketing and implementation of inventions. The financial support is provided by the Government of Cyprus which has received funding from the European Union, as well as by independent investors. Russian inventors, potential investors the representatives of the Russian business took patrt in the event. During the event the consel of Sojuzpatent Irina G. Antipina has presented the Sojuzpatent policy on the working with independent inventors and innovative firms.