Chamber for Patent Disputes Makes Two Decisions in Favor of Sojuzpatent's Client

17 January 2006

The importance of the case is based on the fact that this patent is a ground of infringement suit initiated by attorneys of Sojuzpatent. The patent attorneys of Sojuzpatent previously were succesfuls in the infringement case (in the first instance, the appeal is pending). Now our attorneys proved the validity of the patent RU 2229291 in the Chamber for Patent Disputes. Patent attorneys of Sojuzpatent are facing a very serious defendant – the largest Russian pharmaceutical company ZAO “VEROPHARM”. The Decision of the Court of the first instance was an absolute precedent in Russia since the Court ordered to stop production and selling of registered drug – R-X-1 (anti alcoholic detoxicant) judging that it infringes the exclusive right of the patent owner.