Federal Economic Court for Moscow District Rules in Favor of Sojuzpatent as Plaintiff

02 March 2005

The case was initiated by Sojuzpatent because the defendant (being one of the Russian firms specializing on squattering trademarks and domain names identical with the Brand names of successful companies in the Russian market) has squattered the domain Sojuzpatent.ru at the very first moment of the domain registration in RU zone. The decision rendered by the panel of Federal Judges stipulates that the domain Sojuzpatent.ru squattered by “Moscow Patent Bureau” is to be transferred to Sojuzpatent along with the damages compensation of 1 million roubles and the legal expenses. This is the first court decision in the Russian legal practice when the squatter not only loses squattered domain but shall pay a substantive compensation to the brand name owner. Sojuzpatent has returned domain Sojuzpatent.ru to its possession. The Sojuzpatent corporate site now is available at both addresses: www.sojuzpatent.com and www.sojuzpatent.ru .