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The Moscow Arbitration Court upheld the petition by Sojuzpatent’s client Cavendish & Harvey (Germany) and revoked the Federal Antimonopoly Service’s decision.
15 June 2020
COVID-19 Update
As lockdown measures are further relaxed, we remain ready to assist our clients.
Nine Sojuzpatent’s patent/trademark attorneys and litigation lawyers are included in the 12th Edition of The Best Lawyers in Russia.
The Intellectual Property Court ruled to cancel a trademark registration in a proceeding initiated in the interests of Jayjun Cosmetic Co. (Korea).
Sojuzpatent lawyers successfully represented Hasbro Inc. (USA) against an importer of counterfeit goods at the Vladivostok Customs and the Primorskiy Region Arbitration Court.
The Life Sciences Lawyer Magazine published an article entitled "Patenting Antibodies in Russia" authored by Maria Kuptsova and Tatiana Badaeva.
Patent and trademark filings: Sojuzpatent has been ranked again on the top tier by Chambers and Partners.
The Presidium of the Intellectual Property Court dismissed an appeal brought against earlier decisions of the same Court and the Chamber for Patent Disputes taken in a trademark invalidation proceeding in favor of our client Evalar, a major Russian pharmaceutical company.
The Intellectual Property Court invalidated in full the trademark LEXUS in class 25 (owned by a Turkish textile company) due to its nonuse.
Sojuzpatent was recognized again as the Best IP Advisor in Russia by the Innovation & IP Forum and Awards held in Paris, France, on January 28, 2020.
The Intellectual Property Court, in its capacity of a cassation instance, upheld the Moscow Arbitration Court’s decision and the 9th Court of Appeals ruling that had cleared Sojuzpatent’s client ATM of alleged patent infringement.
Sojuzpatent’s Managing Partner Svetlana Felitsyna took part in the business breakfast “Intellectual Property: Commercialization and Digital Economy” held at the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry with participation of the Head of Rospatent Grigory Ivliev.
The Intellectual Property Court upheld an earlier decision of Rospatent’s Chamber for Patent Disputes, by which the Chamber had rejected a cancellation action brought against our client’s figurative trademark.
Sojuzpatent’s Head of Legal Department Maxim Mikhailov and Senior Lawyer Maria Plotkina were invited to speak on specific requirements to license and franchise agreements.
The Saratov Region Arbitration Court Ruled in Favor of Sojuzpatent’s Client, Hasbro Inc., in an administrative offense case brought against an importer of counterfeit goods.
Sojuzpatent’s Senior Lawyer Maria Plotkina spoke at the conference “Current Issues of IP Protection”.
Legal battle over registration of Actavis trademark "ВАЛЗ" was finally concluded by a decision taken in the Chamber for Patent Disputes’ hearing.
A Kaliningrad District Court ruled in favor of Sojuzpatent’s Client – Hasbro Inc. – in an administrative offense case against an importer of counterfeit goods.
The Intellectual Property Court dismissed an appeal brought against an earlier decision by the Chamber for Patent disputes taken in favor of our client Evalar, a major Russian pharmaceutical company, in a trademark invalidation proceeding.
The RUPTO’s Chamber for Patent Disputes ruled in favor of Sojuzpatent's client – BABYZEN, a famous French producer of strollers under the trademark YOYO+, in a trademark invalidation dispute.