Ukrainian IP Official Fee Changes

27 June 2019

Following a long-standing delay in enacting a new legislation on IP fee increase, the Ukrainian government adopted amendments to all IP-related official fees on June 12, 2019.

A project of the government’s ruling that significantly increases official fees for IP rights first saw light in the end of 2017, but its adoption has been delayed because of public concerns. It was argued that the planned increase would affect local inventors’ ability to protect their rights. However, after a lengthy discussion, the government finally approved the increase.

Accordingly, the official fees will increase on July 19, 2019.

Prosecution and registration fees for inventions, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks, appellations of origin, and other IP objects are in most cases doubling.

Filing fees are also significantly increasing. For example:

  • the official filing fees for an invention application are rising twofold;
  • the filing fees for a utility model application are tripling.

Similarly, annuities will double for inventions and will triple for utility models.

At the same time, a new 20% discount will apply to filing fees in case the application is filed electronically.

Despite this rise, the absolute figures remain relatively low compared with those of many other countries. For example, the basic invention filing fee is UAH 1600 (EUR 54), and the trademark filing fee amounts to UAH 4000 (EUR 135). If the applications are filed electronically, the fees will be EUR 43.2 and EUR 108, respectively.

We are monitoring any further changes relating to IP matters in Ukraine to keep our clients updated.