Turkmenistan Raises Trademark Official Fees

25 December 2019

On December 13, 2019, new trademark official fees were approved by Presidential Decree № 1533. Apart from changing the fee amounts, the document de facto introduces some new state services.

New types of official fees came into force:

  • for expedited formal examination and
  • for expedited substantive examination.

The expedited formal and substantive examination procedures had been introduced in Turkmenistan law in June 2019, but until the approval of the relevant fees, it was impossible to implement them. At present, expedited examination allows the decision on a trademark application to be obtained within 45 business days from the filing date.

Other fees, for the most part, were changed upward; in particular,

  • the fees for substantive examination were increased by around 80%,
  • the fees for a 10-year extension of a trademark registration were increased by around 20%, and
  • the fees for registration of assignment agreements and license agreements were increased by around 50%.

Trademark search fees have remained unchanged.