COVID-19: Rospatent, EAPO, Russian Courts (Updated on May 25)

12 May 2020

The Russian president has lifted the nationwide non-working days declared earlier from March 30 to May 11. More extended powers in respect of restrictive measures are given to regional authorities. The lifting of the lockdown across regions depends on epidemic conditions.

In Moscow, the lockdown has been initially eased for industrial and construction enterprises, whereas the activities of most businesses at their locations were suspended.

Starting June 15, Moscow-based law firms, like most other Moscow organizations, were given the right to work in their offices.

The Russian Patent and Trademark Office (Rospatent) and the Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO) who were working partly in a remote mode,  resumed accepting and delivering paper documents in their premises by May 25. Due dates have not been extended beyond the mentioned stretch of official days off. By now, both Patent Offices are working in the normal regime.

Russian courts have started hearings in the parties’ presence.

The Intellectual Property Court practices both in-house and remote hearings.

Rospatent Chamber for Patent Disputes’ hearings are held either in the parties’ presence or as teleconferences.

This information is constantly updated.