Eurasian Patent Office Raises Official Fees

15 December 2023

The Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO) has published the new official fees, which will become effective on January 1, 2024.

Some of the fees are not changed whereas others are going to be increased by 5 to 100%.

In particular, for inventions:

  • the unitary procedural fee (for the first 5 claims) is increased from 36,000 RUB to 50,000 RUB;
  • the examination fee (for the first independent claim) rises from 40,000 RUB to 50,000 RUB;
  • the grant and publication fee (for the first 35 pages) is increased from 25,000 RUB to 30,000 RUB (the extra-page fee remains unchanged);
  • the fee for an opposition against the grant of a patent will undergo the biggest change – from 40,000 RUB to 80,000 RUB.

On the design side, two positions are changed: the filing fee will be increased by 20% (up to 30,000 RUB for one embodiment) and the fee for registration, grant, and publication – by 50% (from 20,000 RUB to 30,000 RUB for one embodiment).

The maintenance fees are not affected by this change.