COVID-19: Days Off Declared in Moscow on June 15-18

14 June 2021

In reaction to the surge of new COVID-19 cases in Russia’s capital, the Moscow mayor has decreed extra non-working days in addition to the already extended (because of a national holiday) weekend of June 12-14.

All businesses and governmental bodies that normally do not work on weekends, are not supposed to function during the stretch of non-working days. Therefore, the Russian and Eurasian Patent Offices as well as Moscow-based courts are not expected to work. It is expected that all due dates falling in said period will be automatically extended to the next official working day (June 21).

However, this is the first time such non-working days have been introduced on a municipal level; before that, this has only happened nationwide. Consequently, it is difficult to predict the actual consequences of the decision taken.

We are monitoring the situation and will update this page in case of major changes.

Sojuzpatent continues to work in the normal regime.