Another Stretch of Nonworking Days Decreed in Russia

21 October 2021

Owing to a new surge of COVID-19 cases, the Russian president extended the national holidays by affirming additional days off.

This year, November 4 and 5 were supposed to be official days off because of Unity Day on November 4. The president has extended the stretch of nonworking days to cover the entire period from October 30 to November 7 and empowered local administrations to decree additional days off.

Accordingly, the Moscow mayor has decreed extra nonworking days on October 28 and 29 and introduced a partial lockdown from October 28 to November 7 by limiting the work of certain organizations and businesses, including municipal institutions, schools, restaurants, shops, cinemas, sports clubs, and others.

The regime of work of the Russian Patent and Trademark Office, the Eurasian Patent Office, and courts is still to be determined. Similarly, there is no official information on the possible extension of due dates.         

In any case, Sojuzpatent will continue forwarding all communications to the Patent Offices electronically in accordance with the initially set deadlines. We continue to work in the normal regime and are ready to meet our clients’ needs.