Using Sojuzpatent for IP filings in ex-USSR countries

Why should I use Sojuzpatent for filing IP applications in ex-USSR countries other than Russia?

This is quite a common question. Why indeed should you use Sojuzpatent when the internet has made it so easy to find a local attorney in every post-Soviet country?
•    Firstly, we have been doing business in these jurisdictions for decades and have a constant stream of work flowing to the former Soviet republics, so we know which of our carefully selected local agents can be trusted with a particular task.
•    Secondly, most of these countries only have very small patent firms, which means an insufficient number of specialists in different fields of art. Ultimately, all the substantive work is done by our skilled patent attorneys, who are also highly knowledgeable of the local requirements.
•    Thirdly, if an application is sent to several countries, the translation of the materials can be more cost-effective: some countries accept applications in Russian, and for others, the translation from Russian into the local language is less expensive than that from other languages.
•    Last but certainly not least, when you use Sojuzpatent as the main point of entry, you have a solid provider with a 100-year history responsible for all the work. We monitor all the deadlines in accordance with our procedures and ensure smooth prosecution.