Counseling & Litigation

IP Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Unfair Competition
Trusted adviser in unfair competition cases
Trademark Non-Use Cancellation
Assisting clients in non-use cancellation actions
Patent Validity Disputes
Representing clients in patent validity disputes
Trademark Enforcement
Representing parties in TM enforcement disputes
Patent Enforcement
Assisting patentees to enforce their rights
Other IP Disputes
Other cases of IP litigation and dispute resolution

IP Counseling

Amendments to Registration Documents
Making amendments to state registers, certificates, and letters patent
Licenses and Pledges
Drafting license and franchise agreements, recordation of pledges
Assignment and Transfer of IP Rights
Drafting agreements on IP rights assignment
Trade Names
Advising on trade (business) names
Company Names
Advising on the choice and use of the company name
Counseling on protection regime

Sojuzpatent offers a wide range of legal services in the IP sphere, including the following:

  • drafting all kinds of IP-related agreements, cease-and-desist letters, copyright works deposition, notarization and legalization of documents, and legal translation
  • IP litigation on patent infringement, breach of licenses, trade secret issues, trademark infringement, copyright infringement, unfair competition, and administrative cases that involve import-export operations
  • protecting clients’ interests in the Russian Patent and Trademark Office, including the Chamber for Patent Disputes, and Eurasian Patent Office in connection with patent and trademark proceedings
  • representing clients’ interests before the Federal Customs Service and other law enforcement authorities
  • issuing legal opinions regarding the validity and/or noninfringement, freedom-to-operate opinions (based on legal and technical knowledge)
  • due diligence associated with intellectual property acquisition, transfer, and ownership
  • counselling on the procedures for documenting the IP rights to avoid their loss
  • defending from cybersquatters and others who improperly register and use Internet domain names that are identical or confusingly similar to our clients’ names or trademarks (through UDRP procedure or in court)

Mr. Maxim V. Mikhailov, Head of Legal Department
Head of Legal Department