Patent protection in other neighboring countries

Patent protection in all post-Soviet countries not mentioned in the specific sections can be obtained:

  • directly, by filing an application with the respective Patent Offices, or
  • through one of the two regional patent conventions – the European Patent Convention (EPC) or Eurasian Patent Convention (EAPC).

Many international applicants choose this second route, especially for the two countries that do not allow the direct entry of PCT applications into a national phase (Latvia and Lithuania).

The list of countries where a European patent can be validated:

  • Estonia,
  • Latvia,
  • Lithuania,
  • Moldova*.

The countries – members of the EAPC:

  • Armenia,
  • Azerbaijan,
  • Kyrgyzstan,
  • Tajikistan,
  • Turkmenistan.

Sojuzpatent, through a network of trusted agents, helps its clients with:

  • filing patent applications directly with the national PTOs (including a PCT entry into a national stage),
  • filing a Eurasian patent application, which covers the mentioned countries,
  • validating a European patent in the respective states.

*Validating a European patent in Moldova is available, although the country is not a member of the EPC.

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Patent protection in other neighboring countries
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