Antibodies have great potential, being a universal, understandable and very convenient designer of drugs of directed action. Therefore, a correct characterization of antibody-related inventions in the claims is critical to stimulate progress in the relevant fields of medicine, – consider M.V.Kuptsova and T.N.Badaeva, Sojuzpatent's Senior Associates.
The situation of intellectual property protection in Russia has long been described by experts as disastrous. The share of illegal videocassettes in the Russian market is 50%, of audiocassettes 64%, and of DVDs almost 100%. In this connection, at the session held on October 3 2002 the Russian government determined the list of urgent anti-piracy measures.
The forthcoming entry of Russia into the WTO was the reason for perfecting national legislation in the field of IP rights protection. On October 12 2002 the amended version of the Law on Competition and Monopolistic Activity Limitation on Commodity Markets (the Competition Law) took effect. In particular, the amendments enable the Ministry on Antimonopoly Policy and Support of Entrepreneurship (MAP) to forward to the Russian Patent Office the injunction to annul a trade mark registration if MAP declares such a registration an unfair competition act.