Being a proven partner for many international companies, Sojuzpatent helps its clients in preparing, filing and prosecuting applications in the Russian Patent and Trademark Office, the Eurasian Patent Office, and globally in more than 70 other countries. To achieve this, we use our long-established relations with leading IP law firms all around the world.


During the 70-year monopoly in the Soviet Union, Sojuzpatent has accumulated unique experience in dealing on the territory of former Soviet republics and now independent states. In particular, Sojuzpatent formed a network of carefully selected local agents. All this allows Sojuzpatent to deal as a One Window Entry Point to all former U.S.S.R. countries both using the Eurasian patent procedures and by representation of clients before the national Patent and Trademark Offices.


Our lawyers successfully represent our international clients before the Russian Chamber for Patent Disputes and the Russian arbitration courts. In addition to Russia, we have directly represented our clients in the courts of two foreign jurisdictions. 


Representative in the EC:

Sergey A.Kolokolov
Tel/fax (3589)855-7359
12b, Akselinpolku, Espoo, Finland

Representative in the USA:

Vahan Yepremyan,
Attorney at Law
130 N.Brand Boulevard, Suite 202
Glendale, CA 91203
tel.(818)409-1370 fax (818)409-1373

Legal address:
5/2, Il`inka str.,
Moscow, Russia, 109012

Post address:
h.13, b.5, Myasnitskaya str.
Moscow, Russia, 101000

+7 (495) 221-88-80, 221-88-81

+7 (495) 221-88-85, 221-88-86


Company news
Feb 7 2018

The Court for Intellectual Property Rights approved an amicable agreement in favor of Sojuzpatent’s client – Gerry Weber International AG (Germany) in a trademark non-use cancelation case.

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Jan 23 2018

The Arbitration Court of Moscow Region ruled in favor of Sojuzpatent’s client – Individual Entrepreneur N.S. Prokopyeva (Russia) in a trademark infringement case and banned the use of drug’s name CIMICIСLIM.  

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Jan 23 2018

The Court for Intellectual Property Rights ruled in favor of Sojuzpatent’s client – the Net-a-Porter Group Limited (Great Britain) in a trademark non-use cancelation case.  

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