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Sojuzpatent is the oldest IP law firm on the territory of the former USSR. It is a leader in providing services covering all areas of intellectual property protection, including inventions, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks (service marks), appellations of origin of goods, selection achievements, domain names, software, data bases, and integrated-circuit layouts. 

Currently the personnel of Sojuzpatent consists of about 170 qualified specialists, including more than 50 registered Russian and Eurasian patent attorneys and litigation lawyers. Our patent attorneys’ expertise covers all fields of science and technology. Most specialists working at Sojuzpatent have prior experience in the patent and litigation sphere as former employees of the Russian Patent and Trademark Office, including the Chamber for Patent Disputes and other official and judicial bodies, science institutes and the patent departments of large industrial enterprises. 

The following is a partial list of our service areas:


·        Agriculture,

·        Automotive industry,

·        Aviation,

·        Biotechnology,

·        Construction,

·        Food Industry,

·        Energy,

·        Healthcare,

·        Information Technologies,

·        Manufacturing,

·        Machinery,

·        Medicine,

·        Mining,

·        Oil & Gas,

·        Pharmaceutics,

·        Telecommunications


Our attorneys and litigation lawyers work closely together during the prosecution, which results in the patent's high stability (the success rate in defending patents obtained by Sojuzpatent amounts to 97% while the market average does not exceed 70%). 


The firm uses a docketing system developed exclusively for Sojuzpatent by a major national IT company. It allows for our specific business processes, growing operations volumes, as well as record keeping requirements. The software permits us to interface seamlessly with our major clients’ IT system communication protocols. 

Sojuzpatent has remained the national group headquarters of the International Association for Industrial Property Protection (AIPPI) since the date of its inception in 1965.


Legal address:
5/2, Il`inka str.,
Moscow, Russia, 109012

Post address:
h.13, b.5, Myasnitskaya str.
Moscow, Russia, 101000

+7 (495) 221-88-80, 221-88-81

+7 (495) 221-88-85, 221-88-86


Company news
Jun 16 2017

Moscow Arbitration Court approved an Amicable Agreement in favor of Sojuzpatent’s client – FERRERO S.p.A. (Italy) in a trademark infringement case. 

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May 25 2017

Sojuzpatent’s team of ten professionals took part in the 139th INTA Annual Meeting in Barcelona, Spain. During the event, Sojuzpatent hosted a booth at the Convention Center.

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May 24 2017

The Arbitration Court of Pskovskay Region approved an Amicable Agreement in favor of Sojuzpatent’s client – FERRERO S.p.A. (Italy) in a trademark infringement case.  

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