Sojuzpatent is the oldest leading law firm providing services in the field of IP protection in Russia and other countries, including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.
Sojuzpatents team of over 160 qualified specialists includes 50 registered Russian and Eurasian patent and trademark attorneys and litigation lawyers. Between them, they offer inclusive and highly practical expertise in all disciplines of science and technology.
Our clients represent about 90 countries from around the world.

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On March 2005 International publishers house “Kluwer Law International” has published new edition of their International IPR Guide’s sections concerning Russian and Eurasian patent Systems.
March 9, 2005 the Chamber for Patent Disputes ruled in favor of the Client of SOJUZPATENT – the owner of the well-known appellation of origin of goods “VOLOGODSKOYE MASLO” (Butter from Vologda region (Northern Russia)
March 10, 2005 SOJUZPATENT was awarded by HONOR DIPLOMA by the Russian National Union for Consumer Rights Protection for the results in fighting counterfeit goods distribution in the Russian Federation.
On Februry 28, 2005 the Federal Economic Court for Moscow District ruled in favor of “Sojuzpatent” as a plaintiff against “Moscow Patent Bureau”.
On Februry 15, 2005 in the Hotel Marriott Tverskaya the press conference was held for the Russian and foreign journalists trying to bring the public attention to the practice of using patent rights in Russia for the purposes of unfair competition.
December 9, 2004 in Kostroma a representative office of Sojuzpatent in the Central Federal district was opened.
Under the Agreement signed by Sojuzpatent and Astrakhan Chamber of Commerce and Industry the Representative Office of Sojuzpatent in the Southern Federal District of the Russian Federation was opened on October 28, 2004.
Sojuzpatent opened its Representative Office in the City of Vologda (regional Center in the Northern Federal District) on July 23, 2004.
Patent attorneys of “SOJUZPATENT” – Larissa Yatrova and Olzhibek Kosunov participated at the 39th Congress AIPPI which took place on July 19 –23, 2004 in Geneva, Switzerland.
On May 26, 2004 the dispute about unfair competition, heard at the Prykamskoye regional board of the Ministry on the Antimonopoly Policy was resolved in favour of the applicant, represented by a Trademark Attorney of Sojuzpatent Ltd Dr.Isaev.
On July 7, 2004 the meeting of Managing Partner of Sojuzpatent Mrs.Felitsyna with the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Vologda Ms. G.D. Telegina took place.
June 8-11in the framework of the 9-th Exhibition " Regions of Russia ", which took place in the All-Russian Exhibiting Center (VVC), the Exhibition - Forum "Protection from the counterfeigt 2004 " was held.
The Russian Innovation Salon “Archimedes” in cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce, Industries and Tourism of the Republic of Cyprus, Department of Science and Industrial Policy of the Government of Moscow, the Trade Mission of the Russian Federation in Republic Cyprus and Sojuzpatent. have organized and conducted the International innovation forum “CYPRUS-ARCHIMEDES 2004” in the City of Limassol, Republic Cyprus, from 7 till 10 of June, 2004.
The Russian Patent and Trademark Office has organized the conference “Current problems of patent rights enforcement” on the 20th and 21st of May. The conference was prepared according to TASIS project “The assistance to the Russian Patent Office in harmonization of intellectual property law and staff training”.
The Committee on the regulation of the Business activity of the Russian Chamber of Industry and Commerce has had its meeting on May 25, 2004. The main topic of the meeting was IP matters regulation in Russia. The thesis of the Managing Partner of Sojuzpatent Mrs.Svetlana Felitsyna “IPR as a main factor for increasing the competitiveness of the Russian companies” was presented.
The International Day of the Intellectual Property is celebrated on the 26 of April according to the decision of the World Intellectual Property Organization.
The Chairman of the Russian Government Dr.Fradkov has had a meeting with the members of the Board of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation on April 23, 2004.
20 April 2004
The seminar organized under the auspices of the Association of the Russian Patent Attorneys took place on April 14, 2004. The specialists of Sojuzpatent - patent attorneys Yatrova L.I., Agureev A.P., Fomicheva T.S. and Zalesov A.V. have participated in the seminar.
Rospatent, formerly an independent state agency, has been restructured and renamed the "Federal Service on Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks" and subordinated to the new Ministry of Education & Science.
15 April 2004
Sojuzpatent was one of the organizers of the Moscow International Salon of Industrial property "Аrchimedes" , which took place 30.03-02.04. The Salon presented inventions, utility models and trademarks from different regions of Russia and other countries. The results of our participation - new agreements with big industrial enterprises Official ceremony of the Salon opening. Managing partner of Sojuzpatent Mrs. Svetlana B. Felitsyna - on the right.