Company News - page 16

In the fifth issue of the “Patent Attorney” magazine the article “ How the patent system of the USA will be changed?” by the Managing Partner of Sojuzpatent Mrs. Svetlana B. Felitsyna has been published.
The patent attorney of SOJUZPATENT Dr.Agureev was one of the panelists in the Conference organized by the Russian Patent and Trademark Office in celebration of the 50-th anniversary of that organization.
The Bureau of the Russian National Group of AIPPI has held its meeting in the Office of Sojuzpatent on October 06, 2005.
Michael Struchkov joined Sojuzpatent on July 4, 2005 after 25 years of experience with the Russian Patent and Trademark Office. The previous position of Mr. Struchkov was Head of Patent Department of the Chamber for Patent Disputes.
The Chamber for Patent Disputes of the Russian Patent and Trademark Office by its decision of May 31, 2005 declared the Russian utility model patent # 25446 invalid as not meeting the “novelty” criterion.
The Decision of the Chamber for Patent Disputes was made on the Opposition filed by the patent attorneys of SOJUZPATENT declared invalid as not novel the Russian utility model patent # 19014 on June 8, 2005.
Sojuzpatent organized an IP conference on May 27, 2005 in the City of Vologda (Northern Russia). The main topic of the conference was “Successful enforcement of IP rights in Russia” The main panelists were Sojuzpatent's specialists Svetlana Felitsyna, Tamara Fomicheva and Alexander Isaev.
The 127-th Annual International Trademark Association (INTA) Conference took place in San Diego (USA) on May 14-18, 2005.
On May 11-13, 2005, an International conference “Biotechnology, Environment & Biomedicine” took place at the Biotechnological Research Center of the Russian Academy of Science in the City of Puschino (Moscow Region).
The Moscow Arbitration Court ruled in favor of Sojuzpatent's Client – Brestski Electric-Mechanical Plant in a dispute over a license agreement - the largest license agreement dispute in the ex-USSR market for the past several years.
The Intellectual Property Committee of the Russian Chamber of Industry and Commerce held its meeting on April 25, 2004. The main topic was the activity of the Committee’s Special Commissions.
On March 18, 2005, the Chamber for Patent Disputes by its decision made on the opposition filed by Sojuzpatent's patent attorneys declared invalid as not novel the Russian invention patent # 2172460.
We congratulate our colleagues, partners and all our clients on the occasion of the International day of the Intellectual Property celebrated on the 26-th of April every year by the Decision of the World Intellectual Property Organization.
The Arbitration Court of the Penza Region has considered an application of ZAO “Borodino” against ZAO “Company”The Old Brewer” in which the plaintiff accuses the defendand of infringing the rights to the “XXL” trademark. The representative of the applicant was Sojuzpatent's Trademark Attorney Dr. Alexander Isaev.
On March 2005, the International publishers house “Kluwer Law International” published a new edition of their International IPR Guide’s sections concerning Russian and Eurasian patent Systems.
The Chamber for Patent Disputes ruled in favor of of Sojuzpatent's Client – the owner of the well-known appellation of origin of goods “VOLOGODSKOYE MASLO” - Butter from Vologda region (Northern Russia)
On March 10, 2005, Sojuzpatent was awarded an HONOR DIPLOMA by the Russian National Union for Consumer Rights Protection for the results in fighting counterfeit goods distribution in the Russian Federation.
On Februry 28, 2005, the Federal Economic Court for Moscow District ruled in favor of “Sojuzpatent” as a plaintiff in a lawsuit against “Moscow Patent Bureau”.
On December 9, 2004, Sojuzpatent's representative office was opened in Kostroma.
Sojuzpatent's Representative Office in the Southern Federal District of the Russian Federation was opened on October 28, 2004 in Astrakhan.