Company News

29 April 2008
The 11th Moscow International Salon of Industrial Property "Archimedes" was held in Moscow on the territory of the Cultural-Exhibition Centre "Sokolniki" from 1 to 4 April 2008. As all previous years Sojuzpatent took an active part in it.

There were several significant events organized by Sojuzpatent at the Salon, such as the seminar “The legal protection of authors and patent holders in courts” held by the head of legal department Dr.Zalesov.

This year, as a previous one, Sojuzpatent has instituted its special prize for children-inventors – a personal computer. The prize was awarded to the Moscow Educational Center “i-School” for children with limited abilities and was presented by the General Director of Licentech ( an affiliated company of Sojuzpatent) Mr. Dushak.

Sojuzpatent and its Managing Partner Dr. Felitsyna were awarded with international Diplomas and the special “Silver Archimedes” order for high contribution into international development of science and technique.