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March 20, 2007 the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation ruled in favor of the client of Sojuzpatent – “SOCRAFISH” JSC and overruled all previous decisions of lower courts (the Moscow City Arbitration Court, the Appeal Arbitration Court, the Federal Arbitration Court for Moscow District). The Dispute concerns the trademark “CHATKA” which is famous for the goods- canned crabs produced in the Russian Far East. The famous trademark was obtained by the client of Sojuzpatent during the privatization of the state property but it was demanded back throw the Court procedure (stated that the privatization was done with some law violations) by the Russian Government for the Governmently owned company (the current owner of all main Russian Vodka Brands). The appeal to the Supreme Arbitration Court is the last legal remedy provided by the Russian law but it is still quite rare practice when the Supreme Arbitration Court overrules all previous decisions.

11 April 2007