September 20, 2006 the Chamber for Patent Disputes of the Russian Patent and Trademark Office ruled in favor of the clients of Sojuzpatent – Swiss firm “Interbrand Zintsmeyer and Lux AG” and British firm “Interbrand UK Ltd” (members of the Interbrand Group belonging to Omnicom and specializing in brand evaluation and promotion services) in the opposition procedure against the Russian firm “ZAO Interbran Rusconsulting” (it has nothing to do with Omnicom) who squattered the Russian registration of the trademark “INTERBRAND”. The Decision of the Chamber for Patent Disputes declared the registration void and that permitted the Interbrand Group to start its business activity in Russia under the “INTERBRAND” designation. This decision is a precedent when the decent foreign company returns its rights in Russia with absolutely no settlement with the squatter. The dispute was long but the outcome demonstrated that the Russian Law provides all the necessary means for legitimate solution in favor of the true trade name owner.

28 September 2006