May 16, 2006 the Federal Arbitration Court for Moscow Circuit ruled in favor of JSC “Schekovsky Zavod” (the client of SOJUZPATENT, plaintiff in the dispute)

29 May 2006
confirming previous favorable decisions of the Moscow City Arbitration Court and Appeal Arbitration Court for Ninth Circuit. The decision confirmed the lack of prior use rights for the defendant ZAO “VEROPHARM” as a defense in the case over the infringement of patent RU 2229291 for the anti alcohol (detoxicant) drug. The practical outcome of the long dispute is the fact that the client of Sojuzpatent can manufacture and market his licensed drug ZOREX (very effective new detoxicant) and successfully forced ZAO “VEROPHARM” to remove from the Russian market analog drug R-X-1 as violating patent rights.