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A new book has been published <b>"The legal regulation of protection against unfair competition"</b>, the author - Adviser of the Russian Federation of the I class, Legal Councellor of Sojuzpatent <b>Dr. Leonid E. Goukasian</b>, - has written more than 75 scientific publications, including 14 - in the field of protection against the unfair competition and the intellectual property protection.

31 March 2004
The legislation of the Russian Federation and international agreements in the field of protection against the unfair competition are analysed in the book: at the violation of rights of trademarks owners, commercial secret, patent and copyright, at the discrediting the competitor, the fraud of customer, the comparative advertising. The book is intended for a wide range of readers: businessmen, patent attorneys and lawyers, professors and students, judges and employees of antimonopoly bodies.