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The 4th International Salon of Industrial Property “Archimedes 2001”

13 April 2001
On March 22 – March 26, 2001 the 4th International Salon of Industrial Property “Archimedes 2001” took place on the territory of Exhibition Center “Sokolniki”. Among organizers of the Salon were the Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology of the Russian Federation, the Russian Patent Office, Technopark “Vostok”, Sojuzpatent. The Salon “Archimedes 2001” displayed over 600 inventions, industrial designs and trademarks from most regions of Russia and 18 countries.

Within the framework of the cooperation agreement contracted with the Russian Academy of Science, Sojuzpatent represented 72 innovations of 21 Academic Institutes of Moscow, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Nizhniy Novgorod, which were awarded 16 Gold and 10 Silver medals. The inventions of the Russian Academy of Science were displayed at the expense of Sojuzpatent.

Having reviewed the results of the activities of the Salon the Department of Intellectual Property And Technological Security of the Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology of the Russian Federation took the decision of creation on the basis of “Archimedes” of a permanent innovation exhibition operating in a number of regions of the Russian Federation. The Moscow Government included “Archimedes” into the list of its officially sponsored exhibitions, and the Exhibition Center “Sokolniki” was designated as the permanent host of the Salon.