Inventions and utility models

The patent attorneys working in our firm render services on filing patent applications in all fields of science and technology including the most dynamically developing fields as: biotechnology, immunology, gene engineering, pharmaceuticals, microelectronics, lasers, quantum optics, aviation technologies etc.

Sojuzpatent specialists possess the unique experience of foreign patents in industrialized and in developing countries both in accordance with the procedure of the Patent Cooperation Treaty – PCT (international application), under the procedure provide by the Paris Convention for the protection of Industrial Property (conventional application) and under the national procedure.

Since all over the world the biotechnology is one of the priority area of science more and more inventions in this field are being patented both in Russia and abroad. The scope of Sojuzpatent"s activities in the legal protection for biotechnological objects is constantly increasing. The patent attorneys of Sojuzpatent specializing in biotechnology are highly skilled specialists with scientific degrees confirming their professional background and profound knowledge in this field.