VII (XXII) Annual Conference of Patent and Trademark Attorneys Modern Practices of Patent and Trademark Attorneys Held November 22-26, 2016

Nov 26 2016

This year the employees of Sojuzpatent took part in traditional autumn Annual Conference of Patent and Trademark Attorneys that is organized by the Chamber of Patent Attorneys. This year the conference was held near TsazVillage, a historical place near St. Petersburg and attracted a record number of participants. The first day, as usual, was devoted to law and practice on patent protection and enforcement, the second day was scheduled for discussion of trademark matters. On the third day a traditional mock trial was held, where the parties tried to reveal a possibility of protection against contributory patent infringement, that traditionally is not acknowledged in this jurisdiction.  The Mock Trial was held by the Federal Judge of the Economical Court of St. Petersburg and Leningradskaya Region, Her Honor Maria V. Trokhova. A representative from RU PTO, Ms. Olga L. Alekseeva, responsible for quality control in the Federal Institute of Industrial Property, also presented her communication to the audience.

From Sojuzpatent Alexey V. Zalesov, Head of Legal Department, made a report “Compulsory licensing and other ways of protection against abuse of patent rights”, Tatiana V. Petrova, Head of Trademark Department, made a report “Modern trends in registration of marks with non-distinctive elements” and Irina G. Ozolina, Deputy Head of Legal Department, made a report “A claim against creation of a threat of infringement – “problematic” claim in patent infringement cases”.  In the Mock Trial Alexey V. Zalesov and a trademark attorney of Sojuzpatent, Ksenia V. Malugina, represented defendants. The Mock Trial ended up in refusing in the claims and also in counterclaims.   


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Apr 28 2017

The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation refused to transfer the cassation appeal of the offender to the Judicial Board for Economic Disputes, thereby supporting the position of Sojuzpatent’s client - Renault S.A.S. (France)

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Nov 29 2016

On November 28, 2016, the Presidium of the IP Court canceled the decision of the first instance in the case SIP-70/2016 and sent the case back for a new trial by a different panel of judges. The Presidium agreed with the arguments of Golden Lady Company S.p.A that the conclusions of the court of the first instance contradicted to the facts and case materials and that additional evidence, provided by the parties after administrative procedure, should be also taken into consideration by court. Also, the Presidium stated, that a Power of Attorney should clearly indicate the date when it is signed, and if a Notary just acknowledges the authentic signature, but does not confirm that this signature was put in his presence, the date of notarial certification cannot be the date of PoA. A PoA without a date is void. A power of attorney, having two different dates on it should be also considered void.

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Nov 26 2016

Patent and trademark attorneys of Sojuzpatent LLC took part in the XXII Annual Conference of Patent and Trademark Attorneys “Modern practices of patent and trademark attorneys”, that took place this year in a historical place of Pushkin town, near St. Petersburg, from 22nd to 26th of November 2016. Our colleagues made reports before the conference on actual problems of patent and trademark law and took part in a Mock Trial, judged by the Federal Judge of the Economical Court of St. Petersburg and Leningradskaya Region, Her Honor Maria V. Trokhova. 

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