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Sojuzpatent Takes Part in AIPPI World Congress 2016

Sep 16 2016

Alexey Zalesov and Irina Ozolina from Sojuzpatent took part in annual AIPPI Word Congress 2016 in Milano from September 16 to 20 as representative of the Russian national group of AIPPI. The Congress this year ended up in working out six resolutions rather than usual four:

-                     Added matter: the standard for determining adequate support for amendments;

-                     Security Interests over Intellectual Property;

-                     Requirements for protection of designs;

-                     Linking and making available on the Internet;

-                     Publication of Patent Applications;

-                     Patent Rights and Green Technology/ Climate Change.

As usual, the Congress covered the themes topical for all the jurisdictions (patents and pharma, IP and Food, IP and Fashion, patenting computer-based technologies), but also gave some possibilities to discuss some matters more localized, although in view of Global Market interesting for all the participants (Brexit and IP, TTP and IP, etc.).



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